Major Consulting Services

Market and Feasibility Studies - JGL will provide insightful analysis into the dimension and requirements of a food service market whether it be within the universe of a cultural institution or a public restaurant. These analyses scrutinize the applicable risk/reward factors. Based upon its market study JGL will develop feasibility studies projecting the economic results and comparing both qualitative and quantitative aspects of alternate food service models. If appropriate, studies also compare the strengths and weaknesses of contractor operation versus self operation.

Operational Analysis - JGL will review all aspects of a current food and beverage service. Staff members who are operating major facilities will look at customer service, menus, purveyors, productivity, training, financial controls and accountability, and marketing. JGL will review historical operation and proposed budgets. Concrete action plans including milestones and critical path measurements will be recommended. Our expertise includes all aspects of food and beverage service from fine dining to intermission bars.

Food Service Concept Design and Development - JGL will fully articulate the design of a restaurant, café, intermission bar, or cafeteria from the menu, service patterns, and traffic flow to reviewing kitchen drawings and working with interior designers. Our experience includes both commercial and non-commercial facilities. We pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge and providing the dedication to quality that is found in the best dining establishments.

Request for proposal - JGL has a unique background in helping clients to optimize results from the RFP process. Following a client review, we clearly articulate client goals and expectations so that we can pre-select the most qualified contractors. We pre-qualify food service management companies, develop and issue the RFP, analyze the proposal and make recommendations for a short list, conduct oral presentations including site visits, negotiate business terms, and review contracts. Frequently, we also monitor initial performance including supervision of opening.

Master Plan - JGL works in unison with architects and client's planning staff to develop food service programs that complement projected growth in all operational areas. The diversity of our experience can lend great breadth to your food service vision. During the last five years our master planning clients included a major botanical garden, a Fortune 500 company moving most of its metropolitan work force, three major performing arts centers, two aquariums, and several museums.

Contract Compliance Monitoring and Negotiation - JGL reviews financial and operational performance to determine whether a food service operator is in compliance with contract terms and advises clients how to enforce compliance or re-negotiate if necessary.

Performance Monitoring - During this process JGL essentially functions as owner's rep for our client. JGL attends all meetings relating to any food service element, monitors the operator's performance pre- opening, ensures that all milestones and goals are achievable, attends major internal and external catered events, and comments on everything from menu pricing to service patterns and operational policies.

Subsidy Reduction Strategies - JGL performs an in depth assessment which includes benchmarks and comparison to industry standard. Participation rates, check averages, productivity measures and expense ratios are combined with a review of food quality, marketing , and customer service efforts. This 360 degree process produces concrete actions steps to increase sales, reduce operating costs, and diminish the subsidy.

Contract Negotiation - Contract negotiation is appropriate when an institution is generally pleased with their food service provider but needs to update the contract. JGL will benchmark the terms to the market and industry standard. We recommend updated language best suited to the particular facility and guide our clients through executed documents.

Earned Income Enhancement - Income from food service is increasingly important to cultural institutions. JGL will review an institutions marketing, rates, policies, and relationships with caterers to determine the actions that might be taken to increase earned income from catered events and retail food service.